I am a graduate of ABCO Technology and finished the Certified Internet Webmaster course. ABCO actually got me a job after I finished. It was only temporary, but I found another, permanent job a couple months later. I work in a different industry now, but I still make websites on the side for some extra cash. I’ve gone back to Arif a few times since I graduated and he’s always been willing to help me out. They go over A LOT of information. My only critique would be that maybe they could make the course a bit longer because of all of the information to absorb. But I learned a lot there. I am naturally more of a designer, and some of the more advanced coding was tough for me. But I can now confidently create a website, and know enough PHP/MySQL to make it work. I’ve only had good experiences with the staff. It was well worth it for me to go to ABCO.

Brian Fifer