CCNA certified candidates earn 9% more than MCSE certified network administrators

CCNA has grown to become a widely popular information technology certification in 2017. The certification’s primary focus lies on developing relevant role-based modules to match the rapid deployment of technologies in the current sophisticated networking environment. Companies both large and small are investing in new tools including infrastructure to ensure they keep up with current technologies.

As the sophisticated network process increases, there will also be a strong need to increase the level of skills, which include: security, voice and wireless. A CCNA certification means that you will have the capacity to build on the core networking skills you have acquired in network administration thanks to the highly specialized concentration paths developed by Cisco to springboard your career in both current and developing technologies. The CCNA certification will benefit the employee as well as the employer. Thanks to the valuable learning processes provided by the state-of-the art modules in networking systems offered by Cisco.

CCNA certification concentration paths

The CCNA certification concentration paths consists of three distinctive learning tracks that will equip you – the learner – with tools, skills and resources to help you work with ease and possible earn more money. Namely:
•CCNA Security
•CCNA Voice
•CCNA Wireless

CCNA Security certification involves troubleshooting as well as monitoring network devices to ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of data. When you become A certified CCNA Security expert, you will be qualified to work as a security administrator, network security specialist or a network support engineer. Since the rapid increase in demand for cybersecurity, Cisco has taken the lead in designing technologies to combat cyber-attacks. Network equipment manufacturers understand this fact. When companies purchase or lease computers, they are informed about Cisco’s products and technologies.

CCNA Voice certification is a course that equips networking professionals with skills in VoIP, which includes IP telephony, IP PBX, handset, voicemail solutions and call control. Some available roles that you might be hired to do could be a voice manager, voice administrator and voice engineer. Saving money through the use of a strong Internet based phone system is a major priority for organizations and businesses both large and small. This certification path creates true value for any employer who needs this set of skills.

CCNA Wireless involves using Cisco equipment in configuring, implementing and supporting wireless LANs. A wireless expert is qualified to work as a WLAN project manager and also as a wireless support specialist. WIFI is now a marketing tool for companies who are building strong customer relations. Understanding this technology creates a valuable employee.

All of the above CCNA concentration paths require that you have a basic CCNA certification together with additional networking certifications and work experience in computer repair and junior level network administration . Many students ask me if passing the CCNA Certification is really worth it for networking professionals? The following are reasons why the answer to this question is a resounding Yes!

CCNA certification concentration paths will separate the networking chaff from the wheat.

A recent survey completed by Cisco through Forrester Consultants showed that training and certification programs are a critical part in recruiting and hiring the right candidates for specialized roles in a company’s networking system. It was later noted that professional certifications tie many four-year degrees as a requirement for specific job qualifications. Vender certifications were 51% whereas four-year college degrees 49%, which makes CCNA certifications one of the determinants that employers use in the United States to separate the technical chaff from the wheat.

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