ABCO Technology Institute’s
Student Tuition Payment Plan

ABCO Technology’s In-House Financial Payment PLan

Students who enroll in programs offered by ABCO Technology Institute may need financial assistance with their programs. ABCO’s student tuition financing program offers 0% interest and it is available to all students who qualify upon request. ABCO Technology Institute’s tuition payment program includes an assessment of a student’s financial needs.

Students may request an in-house payment plan at the time of enrollment so they can distribute their course payments throughout their course of study. Students will be granted a tuition payment option if they qualify. The qualification process is determined by the student’s current financial need and ability to pay. Applicants must meet with ABCO Technology Institute’s financial aid representative to discuss the payment options. The financial aid representative may request financial documents to determine the tuition monthly payment plan amount.

In order to qualify, you need to demonstrate the following:

  • Student must have a job
  • Complete a form for financial assessment
  • Copies of last pay-stub
  • Minimum registration fee $125

ABCO Technology Institute In-House Tuition Payment Plan Disclosure

The minimum portion of the total tuition fees for their program will be discussed and paid in full to complete their enrollment.

  • Payment installment duration and dates for each payment will be discussed and agreed to by the student.
  • Students requesting a payment plan must complete and sign ABCO Technology Institute’s payment plan form, along with their enrollment agreement.
  • Any student receiving in-house financing is not obligated for indebtedness beyond the total tuition fees for their entire period of program and attendance.
  • Late payment penalties – Students will be charged a late payment fee of $35 if a payment is late for more than 7 days beyond the scheduled date. No penalties will be charged for early payments.

For more information about financial aid, make an appointment with one of our financial aid advisors.