Visual Basic 6.0 Programming Fundamentals

This course is designed for developers who are moving to Visual Basic with some understanding of basic programming concepts. You will learn Visual Basic syntax, event-driven programming, and how to compile an application with the native code compiler. You will learn the VBA language, handle run-time errors, debug, work with forms and controls, and add simple database support to your applications.

Course Objectives

  • Your First Visual Basic Program
  • Adding Controls to Forms
  • Understanding Events
  • Working with VBA
  • Handling Errors
  • Debugging Applications
  • Working with Forms and Controls
  • More VBA Issues
  • More Form and Control Issues
  • Creating and Using Menus
  • Adding Simple Database Support
  • Compiling and Distributing Applications


Programming experience in a high-level language and the ability to use Microsoft Windows.

Course Benefits

Programmers who need to design and develop applications in Visual Basic 6.0.

Course Duration: 40 hours