VB 6.0 Programming Applications Level 2

This course introduces you to objects, then explores the Microsoft data access technologies ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) and OLE DB. You will build reports using the Data Report Designer, use form modules, work with user-defined collections and create your own objects. This course will introduce you to advanced concepts, allowing you to create your own MDI applications, use Windows common controls, harness the power of the Windows API, and finish projects with optimization techniques and other professional touches.

Course Objectives

    • An Introduction to Objects
    • Managing Data with ADO
    • Creating Your Own Objects
    • Working with Collections
    • Creating MDI Applications
    • ADO and Unbound Forms
    • Working with the Windows API
    • Using UI Data Tools
    • Optimizing Visual Basic Programs
    • Using Form Modules
    • Adding Professional Touches


      • Visual Basic 6.0 – Level 1 or equivalent experience

Course Benefits

Programmers who need to design and develop applications in Visual Basic 6.0.

Course Duration: 40 hours