NET Framework Application Development Foundation

This instructor-led course provides students with the enabling knowledge and skills required to create Microsoft .NET Applications with Visual Studio 2008. Students learn how to develop advanced .NET applications.The audience for this course consists of Application Developers with the skills to develop business applications by using Visual Studio 2008 with Visual C#.

Course Objectives

  • Implementing System Types and Interfaces
  • Implementing Collections and Generics
  • Configuring and Installing Assemblies
  • Monitoring and Debugging Applications
  • Reading and Writing Files
  • Serializing Data
  • Implementing Delegates and Events

Course Benefits

  • Develop applications that use system types and collections
  • Implement service processes, threading, and application domains in a .NET Framework application
  • Embed configuration, diagnostic, management, and installation features into a .NET Framework application
  • Implement serialization and input/output functionality in a .NET Framework application

Course Duration: 40 hours