Oracle Payables 11i Fundamentals

Exam IZ0-212

Oracle Payables 11i Fundamentals. In this course, participants learn how to set up and use Oracle Payables to manage the accounts payable process. Participants learn how to manage suppliers, process invoices as well as payments and generate key reports. Participants also learn how to approve invoices for payment, process stop and void payments, setup bank accounts, and process payment batches. Finally, the students learn how to close accounts payable periods and transfer accounting details to the general ledger.

Course Objectives

Students will learn how the Payables application fits into Oracle’s eBusiness Suite of applications. This is accomplished through a series of tutorials, supplemented with hands-on exercises.

The course will cover the following elements:

  • Understand how Oracle products user supplier information
  • Import invoices or invoice information to create invoices in payables
  • Enter invoices using quick invoices
  • Use the payment workbench
  • Set up bank accounts
  • Enter expense report templates
  • Apply advances
  • Describe the period closing process in payable and purchasing
  • Reconcile accounts payable transactions for the period
  • Set up supplier tax information
  • Identify tax types, tax codes, and tax groups
  • Identify tax types, tax codes, and tax groups
  • Identify the withholding tax process
  • Process automatic withholding tax invoices
  • Understand the payables process flow within the oracle eBusiness suite of applications
  • Identify the key areas in the payables process


To ensure your success the following courses are required prior to taking this course:

  • 11i Navigate Oracle Applications
  • 11i eBusiness Suite Essentials for Implementers

Course Benefits

Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Describe the procure to pay process flow
  • Describe the key areas in the procure to pay process
  • Describe how the procure to pay process fits into the oracle eBusiness suit of applications
  • Describe the payables process flow
  • Describe the key areas in the payables process
  • Identify payables integration points
  • Identify payables open interface
  • Define suppliers
  • Define supplier sites
  • Identify key reports
  • Use setup options
  • Identify implementation considerations
  • Import and enter invoices and invoice distributions
  • Apply prepayments and advances
  • Match invoices to purchase orders
  • Applying and releasing holds
  • Understand invoice approval workflow
  • Validate invoices for payment
  • Use quick invoices
  • Enter invoice records
  • Entering purchase order matched invoice records
  • Enter price corrections
  • Find and modify invoice records
  • Add invoice records
  • Create invoices from invoice records
  • Describe the process of issuing payments
  • Setting up bank accounts
  • Process single payments
  • Process payment batches
  • Process stop and void payments
  • Describe the expense report process
  • Enter expense report templates
  • Enter expense reports
  • Apply advances
  • Identify key expense related reports
  • Set up credit card programs
  • Describe the period closing process in payables and purchasing
  • Reconciling accounts payable transactions for the period

Course Duration: 32 Hours