11i E Business Suite Essentials For Implementer

Exam IZ0 200

11i E-Business Suite Essentials for Implementers. This course provides an overview of the Oracle E-Business Suite. It covers all the essential areas that a functional implementer should know to start the journey with Oracle Applications.

Course Objectives

Students learn about the major components of the 11i E-Business Suite architecture. They will be able to recognize the shared entities within 11i E-Business Suite. The key business flows and integration points between products in 11i E-Business Suite is covered in this course. The tasks covered include defining and creating flex fields. The Multi Org model and its key implementation constraints are introduced to the learner. In addition, students are given an overview of Oracle Workflow, the components that comprise workflow, and how to monitor a process in the workflow monitor. This course explains how alerts are used in 11i E-Business Suite and covers the differences between Event and Periodic Alerts.


To ensure your success the following course is required prior to taking this course:

  • 11i Navigate Oracle applications

Course Benefits

  • Identify the components that comprise an Oracle Application system
  • Explain basic application integration
  • Identify Entities that are shared between multiple applications
  • Explain basic System Administration terminology
  • Explain how profile options work
  • Define key and descriptive flexfields
  • Explain the Multi-Org structure
  • Explain reporting options in Multi-Org
  • Explain the basic components of workflow
  • Identify the role of workflow as it relates to Oracle Applications
  • Use the Workflow Monitor to monitor a workflow to completion
  • Identify the components of the Oracle Workflow architecture
  • Explain basic alert terminology
  • Define and test a periodic alert
  • Explain the relationship of Daily Business Intelligence with E-Business Suite

Course Duration: 24 hours