Java 2 Enterprise Development with BEA WebLogic

This course provides you with the background and skills required to design and develop enterprise applications in Java using J2EE technologies. You will use WebLogic server as the application and web server and will learn about configuring WebLogic, deploying applications, and monitoring applications using WebLogic’s monitoring tools. During the course you will write many components of a sample e-commerce application and deploy the application to WebLogic.

Course Objectives

  • Java 2, Enterprise Edition (J2EE)
  • Overview of BEA WebLogic
  • Building, deploying, and testing enterprise applications
  • Building a sample application
  • Container-managed Persistence (CMP) Entity Beans
  • Bean-managed Persistence (BMP) Entity Beans
  • Stateless Session Beans
  • Stateful Session Beans
  • Message-Driven Beans
  • The View
  • The Controller
  • Advanced WebLogic Server Concepts


To ensure your success, we recommend you first take the following ABCO Technology course or have equivalent knowledge:

  • Java 2: Enterprise Connectivity

Course Benefits

  • Develop with RMI, JNDI, JMS, and JDBC
  • Use container-managed and bean-managed transactions
  • Write JSPs and servlets
  • Write Entity Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs) using container-managed or bean-managed persistence
  • Write Stateless and Stateful Session EJBs
  • Write Message-Driven EJBs
  • Unit test your J2EE applications
  • Build your J2EE applications using Ant
  • Implement the Model-View-Controller design pattern
  • Use the Value Object design pattern
  • Use the DAO design pattern
  • Configure and monitor WebLogic 6.1
  • Load test EJBs in WebLogic 6.1

Course Duration: 40 hours