Advanced Java Programming

Advanced Java™ Training course provides you with advanced skills for programming in Java language.

This course delves deeper into the data structures, file input and output features, exception handing, object oriented design and analysis, object serialization, database connectivity with JDBC, multi-threaded programming, and networking capabilities of Java.

Upon completion, you will be able to understand, design, and develop complex Java-based applications.

Course Objectives

This course will cover the following elements:

  • Use reflection to examine objects at run-time and properly compare objects for equality.
  • Handle errors in your program by writing exception handlers.
  • Create and manipulate arrays and collections
  • Read and write files using the package
  • Serialize objects using object serialization
  • write multi-threaded programs and synchronize threads
  • Access data from relational databases using JDBC.
  • Perform basic network communication using sockets.


To ensure your success, it is required that you first take the following course or have equivalent knowledge:

  • Java Programming / Java Fundamentals (Non-C Programmers)

Course Benefits

Client/server applications can be written utilizing both the and java.rmi packages. Security is also covered in detail throughout several chapters including security policies and data encryption. XML parsing is done using the JAXP API. Programmers can use C and C++ functions from their Java programs using JNI. The course ends with several chapters on design patterns and how they can be put to best use in different types of Java applications.

Course Duration: 40 Hours