ASP.NET Using Other Programming Languages

ASP.NET: Using Visual C#, ADO.NET, and XML Be ready to create dynamic Web pages using the latest Microsoft server-side technology: ASP.NET.

Course Objectives

You will create ASP.NET Web pages that dynamically display content, display, manipulate, and modify data in a relational database, and display, manipulate, and modify XML data.Programmers at any skill level interested in writing ASP.NET applications.


To ensure your success, it is required that you first take the following course or have equivalent knowledge:

  • Object Oriented Programming Principles
  • .NET Framework Introduction
  • HTML

Knowledge of C#, or prior experience with C++, is also required. If you will be using VisualStudio.NET in the course, then we recommend Visual Studio.NET Introduction, or prior experience with Visual Basic,Visual C++, or Visual Inter Dev. Prior experience with ASP Classic (2.0 or 3.0)is helpful, but not required. Knowledge of XML basics is also helpful, and so we recommend XML Introduction (Second Edition). Knowledge of SQL is also recommended, though not required.

Course Benefits

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Write your first ASP.NET Web pages by using the basic features of the Page class.
  • Increase the separation of code from content and the modularity of your code.
  • Create Web forms using Web controls.
  • Display and modify data from a database by using ADO.NET with ASP.NET Web controls.
  • Manipulate and update data using ADO.NET DataSets.
  • Read, write, edit, and validate XML documents.
  • Convert and transform XML data.
  • Architect and configure numerous aspects of an ASP.NET application.

Course Duration: 40 Hours