Adobe Dreamweaver Level 2

Following the completion of Dreamweaver Level 1, familiarizing yourself with Dreamweaver’s Layout and interface in Level 2 your focus will be aimed at developing professional websites. In this course you will use the advanced features of Adobe Dreamweaver for the design and development of websites.

Course Objectives

You will develop professional-looking web pages using the Adobe Dreamweaver application. This course is designed for students who not only use Adobe Dreamweaver to design and develop web pages in a WYSIWYG environment, but also have the ability to understand and work with the architecture and coding of web pages. Students are those in small companies or departments within large companies who use web technologies for electronic communication. Some examples of target companies are advertising agencies, marketing agencies, and groups involved in intranet and extranet production.


Before taking this course, students should have completed the Adobe Dreamweaver: Level 1 course or possess equivalent knowledge. Students must have taken the HTML course or have equivalent knowledge

Course Benefits

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Work in Code view using the coding features of Dreamweaver
  • Format content using style sheets
  • Create an effective user-navigation interface
  • Work with AP elements to enhance the layout and positioning of elements on a web page
  • Automate tasks
  • Create forms
  • Author a web page using XML-based data

Course Duration: 16 Hours